A dog looking through a fence

Relative Clauses

by Brian November 09, 2021 English Grammar

Hello grammar lovers! This blog post is an extra special treat for all the grammar nerds out there. Why? Because

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Elephant and giraffe to express contrast

In spite of, despite and although

by Brian November 02, 2021 English Grammar

In this blog post we will practice using in spite of , despite and although in

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Passive voice quiz

Passive Voice Quiz

by Brian August 19, 2021 English Grammar, Quizzes

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English Vocabulary: Body Idioms

Body Idioms

by Brian August 12, 2021 Idioms

Does the question ‘raise an eyebrow’? or is it a ‘no-brainer’? Test your knowledge of English body idioms with our quiz.…

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Pronouns quiz question

Pronouns Quiz

by Brian August 05, 2021 English Grammar, Quizzes

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English Vocabulary: Prepositions Quiz

Prepositions Quiz

by Brian July 29, 2021 English Grammar, Quizzes, Vocabulary

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English vocabulary: Word-building quiz

English Vocabulary: Word-building Quiz

by Brian July 23, 2021 Quizzes, Vocabulary

Here’s a quiz to help you grow your vocabulary. Not sure why the answer given is correct? Try doing a search

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English Vocabulary: Animal Idioms

Animal Idioms Quiz

by Brian July 09, 2021 English Grammar, Idioms, Quizzes, Vocabulary

This quiz might ‘set the cat among the pigeons’… See how well you know your English animal idioms.…

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Phrasal verbs with ‘get’

by Brian June 30, 2021 Quizzes, Vocabulary

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Tricky English Quiz

by Brian June 21, 2021 Quizzes

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