Animal Idioms Quiz

by Brian July 09, 2021
English Vocabulary: Animal Idioms

This quiz might ‘set the cat among the pigeons’… See how well you know your English animal idioms.

Animal Idioms

Think you know your animal idioms? Do this test and find out!

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I'm sure I left some money on the table. I think it was stolen.

2 / 12

The prime minister said taxes would increase next year.

3 / 12

Joe went shopping at the end of his walk.

4 / 12

The hottest days of summer.

5 / 12

All his songs sound the same.

6 / 12

Your flatmate is obsessed with football.

7 / 12

Stop trying to convince everyone to go hiking. We're not interested.

8 / 12

Maria's online shop is very successful.

9 / 12

Jenny is so enthusiastic about the trip.

10 / 12

There are many ways to get a job done.

11 / 12

She's different from her siblings.

12 / 12

Your new partner breaks up with you. What do you say?

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