Terms and Conditions

Our relationship with you

Free Trial Class / Joining the school

Before joining the school, students may take a free trial class to ensure our school is the perfect one for them.

This free trial class – a two-hour lesson – may be taken at any normal class time. Currently, these are: 09:00, 11:00, 17:00 and 19:00 from Monday to Friday and 15:00 on Saturdays.

Students may start a course at any time and study for as long as they want. Courses may be booked online or at the school. Students are required to complete a registration form and pay the full fees of the course before it begins.

Once a course has been paid for, a contractual arrangement between the school and the student is in place and the terms and conditions outlined on this page come into effect.


Students may take a holiday from their course at any time. This may be agreed at the time of the booking or once the course has begun.

To avoid losing any classes, students must give us two days’ notice of when the holiday begins and when they plan to re-join the course.

We take holidays too! The school is closed for a few days around Easter and for about two weeks at Christmas (the exact dates change each year and can be found on our FAQ page).

The school also closes for other public holidays in Ireland. Unlike in other schools, students are not expected to pay for classes they miss because of a public holiday. They can take extra classes to recover those lost or we will adjust the cost of a course to account for the days that the school is closed.

Central School Christmas Party 2017

Class Sizes and Times

A ‘two-hour class’ consists of 50 minutes of teaching followed by a 10-minute break and then another 50 minutes followed by another 10-minute break to allow time for students to move to another class and for teachers to prepare the next class.

We strive to keep the maximum number of students in a class to nine. Occasionally, perhaps because of students taking a free trial class, the number may be slightly above this. However, if a class is above nine students for any length of time we will split the class in two.

Similarly, if the numbers in a class drop below five, we reserve the right to combine the class with another class of a similar level. Very occasionally, we may close a class altogether.

If we do this, a student will be offered a similar class, perhaps at a different time. If the change is not acceptable to the student, we will refund the remaining portion of the course without a refund penalty.

Refunds and Cancellations

Courses booked in advance may be cancelled up to two weeks before the start of the course. In this situation, a full refund of the course will be made, less an administration charge of €50. The registration fee will also not be refunded.

If a course is cancelled in the two-week period before the beginning of the course, only half the course fee will be refunded. There can be no refunds once a course has begun, for classes missed for whatever reason, or if the student does not complete the course.

The exception to this rule is where a student has opted for our ‘flexi-plan’, under which there is a possibility to recover missed classes before the end of the following week.

Payments made by credit or debit card can only be repaid onto the same card, and those made by bank transfer are only returned to the same bank account from which the payment originated. Fees can be returned only to their origin and only by the method by which they were received.


Accommodation bookings must be paid for in full a minimum of four weeks before the start of a student’s stay. The minimum booking is for one week. There is an accommodation booking fee of €50.

Accommodation bookings may be cancelled up to four weeks before the start of a stay in which case a full refund will be made less a cancellation fee of €50. The booking fee will also not be refunded.

Accommodation bookings cancelled between two and four weeks before the start date will receive a 50% refund less the accommodation booking fee and a cancellation fee of €50.

There can be no refunds for cancellations happening less than two weeks before the start of a stay, or once a stay has begun.

Resolving Issues

If a student has a problem with their classes, they should first take the issue to their teacher, who will attempt to find a solution.

If a student has a problem with their accommodation, they should first take the issue to the school’s Accommodation Officer, who will attempt to find a solution.

If a class or accommodation problem cannot be resolved at this level, the issue will be taken to the School Manager.

Any other problems should be addressed directly to the School Manager.

In the unlikely event that the School Manager is unable to find an acceptable solution to your issue, the matter will be taken to the School Director.

We welcome feedback at all times and any comments sent to [email protected] will be read by the School Director.

Airport Transfers

There are buses and taxis to the city centre and other destinations just outside the terminal building of Dublin Airport.

Buses are cheap and taxis operating out of the official taxi-stands are regulated. We are happy to recommend both.

However, if you’d like us to arrange a transfer to your accommodation we can do this.

The fee is €80 for a one-way trip within the Greater Dublin area.

Central School of English bus

Respect for Others

The Central School of English is a community of adults from all over the world. We aim to foster a culture of mutual respect and a rich learning environment.

In this regard, we expect all students to treat their colleagues and the staff of the school with respect. Students failing to do so will be asked to leave the school.

Flexible Courses

Students who sign up for our ‘flexi-courses’ have the freedom to take their classes at whatever times and on whichever days suit them best.

You can change the times and days of your English classes from week to week. You don’t even need to inform us.

Also, if you do not attend all of your scheduled classes in one week, you can ‘carry over’ untaken classes to the next week.

Classes can only be saved until the end of the following week.

For example, if your schedule is two classes per week (flexi-course) and one week you only attend only one class, you can recover the remaining class by taking three classes the following week, but after that the class will be lost.

Like students on ‘regular’ courses, you can also give us two-days notice of non-attendance and we will save the class for you and take holidays as described above.

As always, we will be as accommodating as we can be and, if you keep in touch with us, you need never lose a class.

Refer-A-Friend Scheme

Students who recommend our courses to friends or family members get €25 off their next payment when that friend or family member signs up for a course (minimum 4 hours per week for 4 weeks).

Simply tell us the name of the person you are recommending our school to and when they join the school we will credit your account.

Alternatively, ask them to mention you when they register for a course.

Your €25 credit can be spent on courses, coursebooks or exam fees.

Your Information

On registration, students are required to give the school their contact details. We require a full name and address in Ireland, a contact telephone number and an email address. We also require details of a friend or relative that we can contact in the event of an emergency.

The email address is so that we can send information that may be useful to you during the course, such as details of our social activities and any changes to class times etc.

We may also send you details of any promotional offers that may interest you after you have left the course, but you can remove yourself from this mailing list at any time by emailing us or clicking on the appropriate link in each email.

Your contact details are secure and will not be shared with anyone else, unless we are required to do so by law. For details on how we keep your data secure and to see how you can update or delete the information we keep on you please see our Privacy Statement.

Promotional Photography

Sometimes we take photographs or video of school activities including social events for use in promotional material.

Unless you advise us otherwise in writing at the time of your booking a course, we reserve the right to use any such image that you appear in for promotional purposes without seeking further approval.

Central English School Students visit Dublin Castle

Age Restriction

Courses at the Central School of English are open only to students aged 17 and over except where a group booking has been agreed and any underage students are supervised by a group leader.

We can only accept accommodation bookings from students over 18.

Travel and Medical Insurance

Students from EU countries should obtain a European Health Insurance Card from their social welfare office. These students are also advised to take out their own travel and health insurance.

Non-EU students are required to take out travel and health insurance for the duration of their stay.

English School Dublin practising English

Limited Liability

The Central School of English will not be liable to the student in any way if it is unable to provide a service contracted to the student because of industrial dispute, public disorder, extreme weather conditions or any other reason beyond the control of the school except where such liability cannot be excluded by Irish law.

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