Feedback and Continuous Improvement

The Central School of English operates a Continuous Improvement Policy, meaning we strive at all times to make the school a better place to study (for you) and a better place to work (for our staff).

This means we are always very happy to hear any feedback you may have about your experiences at the school, whether that is in class, on a social activity, in our building, or in your dealings with the team of people who work at this school.

In fact, on any matter that affects how you feel about the times that you engage with us.

We value what you have to say

Informal feedback is welcome at any time and is perhaps best communicated by speaking to a relevant staff member.

In the case of your course or your teacher, the right person to talk to would be Mark Ledsome, the Director of Studies.

About anything else, it would be the School Manager, Nikola Byrtusova, or the School Director, Simon FitzGerald.

Ours is a small school and you will see all these members of staff about the school on most days.

In addition to this informal feedback, we seek your feedback in more formal ways.

Students are asked to complete a feedback form shortly after their course begins, at the end of their course and at certain times during their course.

If, at any other time, you would like to offer formal feedback in this way you can do so by asking for a feedback form from reception or simply completing the form online.

Scores that students give to questions asking them to rate their experiences at the school in a number of different ways are compiled and the overall results are viewed and discussed every month by the management team.

All additional comments made on such forms are read by the School Director, Simon FitzGerald.

There is a four-stage process to our Continuous Improvement Policy:

  1. We identify, from your feedback or from another source, an opportunity for improvement and plan how to make that improvement.
  2. We implement the change required on a small scale or for a limited time period
  3. We assess the success or otherwise of the change
  4. If successful, we implement the change on a larger scale or commit to maintaining the new arrangement in the future

Policy Owner: The person responsible for ensuring actions required by this policy are taken is: Simon FitzGerald (School Director)