Used to, Be Used to and Get Used to Quiz

by Brian June 07, 2022 Quizzes

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expressing contrast

In Spite Of, Despite and Although Quiz

by Brian May 24, 2022 Quizzes

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Relative Clauses

Defining and Non-defining Relative Clauses Quiz

by Brian May 20, 2022 Quizzes

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sitting man surrounded by his stuff

Expressing Possession Quiz

by Brian May 10, 2022 Quizzes

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Have Something Done

Have Something Done Quiz

by Brian May 04, 2022 Quizzes

In English, we use the structure ‘have something done‘ to say that we don;t do the action ourselves but someone

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Direct and Indirect Speech Quiz

by Brian April 27, 2022 Quizzes

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Future Quiz

by Brian April 05, 2022 Quizzes

Test your knowledge of the Future Need to brush up on the Future before you do? Read this blog post.…

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Past Perfect Quiz

by Brian March 29, 2022 English Grammar, Quizzes

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the definite article

Definite Article Quiz

by Brian March 23, 2022 English Grammar, Quizzes

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Paddy's Day people

Paddy’s Day Quiz

by Brian March 16, 2022 Quizzes

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