Have Something Done Quiz

by Brian May 04, 2022
Have Something Done

In English, we use the structure ‘have something done‘ to say that we don;t do the action ourselves but someone else does the action ourselves.

When we say ‘I have my hair cut’, we mean someone else cuts our hair.

We can say who does the action by using the word ‘by’:

‘I have my hair cut by the hairdresser.’

There is more about this grammar point in our post about ‘have something done’. You could head over there, but if you think you’re ready, why not try our quiz.

Test Yourself

Have something done

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We use 'have something done' to describe:

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What would your friend say if they saw you with a new hairstyle?

3 / 20

If someone paints your nails every month, what can you say?

4 / 20

I needed a professional photo so...

5 / 20

You should really _____________ every year.

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What’s another way to say “The cleaner cleaned my house yesterday”?

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If you have always painted your house yourself you can say:

8 / 20

Mary has to go to hospital next week. She's ________________.

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After the party we had to _____________ by a professional cleaner.

10 / 20

Which sentence means the same as 'I had my teeth cleaned'?

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The dentist gave me bad news. I need to _____________.

12 / 20

We have no hot water. We need to _________________.

13 / 20

Liz is getting married. She's _______________ by a fashion designer.

14 / 20

Next week a gardener will cut the grass and plant some flowers.

15 / 20

John's a computer expert. He always ______________.

16 / 20

Yesterday I went to the garage. I ________________.

17 / 20

At the moment we _________________.

18 / 20

Next week Sarah is ________________.

19 / 20

Your kitchen looks great! Have you ______________?

20 / 20

Gerry _____________. He needs glasses.

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Thank you for doing the quiz. If you need to review the structure ‘have something done’ then check out our blog post here.


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