Expressing Possession Quiz

by Brian May 10, 2022

This quiz is all about the different ways we can express possession in English. If you need to brush up on this then read this blog post.

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Expressing possession

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These shoes _________ Maria.

2 / 10

I prefer our house to _______.

3 / 10

The cat is licking _____ paw.

4 / 10

________ car is very fast.

5 / 10

That house is _______.

6 / 10

The men's shirts.

7 / 10

The woman's houses.

8 / 10

The girls' rooms.

9 / 10

The boy's book.

10 / 10

Which sentence is more common?

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Thank you for doing the quiz. If you need to review the structure ‘have something done’ then check out our blog post here.


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