A Jack O'Lantern in a graveyard


by Brian October 27, 2022 Uncategorised, Vocabulary

Hi folks! As Halloween is approaching, this week’s blog post is about all things spooky! …

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English Vocabulary Quiz: Common Prefixes

Common Prefixes

by Brian October 10, 2022 Vocabulary

Languages are made up of building blocks. As we learn to put these blocks together in different ways, our language

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English Vocabulary Quiz: Common Prefixes

Common Noun Suffixes Quiz

by Brian February 15, 2022 Vocabulary

-ness, –tion, -ment, -ance and -should are all common noun suffixes in English. You can learn about them in our common

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English Vocabulary: Prepositions Quiz

Prepositions Quiz

by Brian July 29, 2021 English Grammar, Quizzes, Vocabulary

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Idiom Gallery

by Brian July 26, 2021 Vocabulary

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English vocabulary: Word-building quiz

English Vocabulary: Word-building Quiz

by Brian July 23, 2021 Quizzes, Vocabulary

Here’s a quiz to help you grow your vocabulary. Not sure why the answer given is correct? Try doing a search

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English Vocabulary: Animal Idioms

Animal Idioms Quiz

by Brian July 09, 2021 English Grammar, Idioms, Quizzes, Vocabulary

This quiz might ‘set the cat among the pigeons’… See how well you know your English animal idioms.…

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Phrasal verbs with ‘get’

by Brian June 30, 2021 Quizzes, Vocabulary

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Idioms Quiz

by Brian June 25, 2021 Idioms, Quizzes, Vocabulary

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English Vocabulary: Quiz for Stage 5 and 6

Vocabulary Quiz Stages 5 & 6

by Brian April 15, 2021 Quizzes, Vocabulary

Here’s a short blog post – a vocabulary quiz for Callan Method English students studying Stages 5 and 6.…

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