Phrasal verbs with ‘get’

by Brian June 30, 2021

Every language has got some very confusing words. These words seem to change their meaning every time you hear them. Just as you think you understand the word, someone uses it with a different meaning and you are totally confused again!

In English, ‘get’ is one of those words. The two basic meanings of ‘get’ are become (eg. I got sick) and receive (eg. She gets a lot of an emails). However, there are also many phrasal verbs made with get. Phrasal verbs are normally made with a verb and a preposition. The tricky thing about phrasal verbs is that the meaning of the verb changes. This means we have to learn the meaning of each phrasal verb separately. There are hundreds of phrasal verbs in the English language. Learning them all can seem like an impossible task, but if you try to learn a few every week you’ll be surprised how quickly you can recognise them and use them in everyday situations. And remember – phrasal verbs are generally quite informal so we use them more in speaking than in writing.

This quiz has 12 questions, each containing a phrasal verb with the word ‘get’. If you need to check the meaning of any phrasal verbs or other words, use a good dictionary like the Cambridge Dictionary .

Good luck!

Phrasal verbs with 'get'

Test you knowledge of phrasal verbs with 'get'

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I don't like James or his friends. I have to _________ ______ ______ going to his party.

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These clothes are too old to wear. I'm going to _________ ______ ______ them.

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Did you ________ ______ ______ anything interesting at the weekend?

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Sue is finding it hard to _________ ________ War and Peace. It's such a long book!

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Have you heard the gossip? Sue _________ ______ _______ Dave at the party last night.

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It's hard to ________ ______ when you're earning minimum wage.

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Joe can be cruel. He _________ _______ ______ annoying his sister.

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Cycling is a handy was to _________ ________ town.

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Chris _______ _______ tennis when he was a child. Now he's a professional.

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Daisy doesn't like her brother. He's always _________ ______ her for playing with dolls.

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I'm wasting too much time thinking about my college project. I just have to _______ ______ ______ it and finish it before the deadline.

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When a relationship ends, it takes time to ________ ________ it.

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