A Jack O'Lantern in a graveyard


by Brian October 27, 2022 Uncategorised, Vocabulary

Hi folks! As Halloween is approaching, this week’s blog post is about all things spooky! …

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Clauses and Conjunctions

Clauses and conjunctions

by Brian August 29, 2022 English Grammar

There are many ways to learn a language. We start learning our mother tongue from the time we are born.

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Past Continuous

Past continuous tense

by Brian August 23, 2022 English Grammar

What time is it now? Check the time on your computer screen or phone. What were you doing at this

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Passive voice and active voice

Passive voice and active voice

by Brian August 10, 2022 English Grammar

Let’s face it – grammar can be head wrecking! Anyone who tells you that all grammar is easy to learn

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Turtles walking

Adjectives and Adverbs

by Brian August 01, 2022 English Grammar

If you’re reading this, you probably know that when we learn a second language (or third, or fourth!) we have

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Relative Clauses

Defining and Non-Defining Relative Clauses

by Brian May 16, 2022 English Grammar

A relative clause is part of a sentence. We use a relative clause to describe nouns. A relative clause gives

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sitting man surrounded by his stuff

Expressing Possession

by Brian May 10, 2022 English Grammar

We all own things. We all have possessions. Maybe you’re a materialist – someone who loves material possessions. Or

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Direct and Indirect Speech in English Grammar

Direct and Indirect Speech

by Brian April 20, 2022 English Grammar

In the real world, outside of grammar books (and blogs!), all language is used in a particular context. Sometimes it

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Narrative Tenses in English Grammar

Narrative Tenses

by Brian April 11, 2022 English Grammar

We all love a good story, don’t we? But telling a story in a second language is one of the

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Future Tenses in English

Future Tenses

by Mark April 03, 2022 English Grammar

As you know, all languages are made up of tenses. In this post we’re going to look at some Future

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