English Vocabulary: Word-building Quiz

by Brian July 23, 2021
English vocabulary: Word-building quiz

Here’s a quiz to help you grow your vocabulary.

Not sure why the answer given is correct? Try doing a search on Google for some more examples of how we use the word.

Wordbuilding Quiz

Test your knowledge of building words with prefixes and suffixes!

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My member_____ of the tennis club has expired.

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She is admired for her sincer___.

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I'm afraid I couldn't open the attach______.

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Money can't buy you happi_____.

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She has many happy memories of her child____.

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Oxfam is a _____profit organisation.

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In Sonia's class girls _____number boys.

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Nurses in busy hospitals are _______worked.

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Greg never says hello to his workmates. He's quite ______social.

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Einstein was a great scient____.

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Mary works for a big _______national company in London.

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Jim hates waiting. He's ____patient.

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The Joker is Batman's ______enemy.

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Apple has almost 400 thousand employ______.

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I had my car repaired by a mechan____.

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My laptop keeps crashing. It's _____reliable.

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He's sleeping in a tent because he is home______.

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We had to mod___ our plans due to travel restrictions.

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Students asked the school to length____.

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You need to take a _____atlantic flight to get to New York.

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Children who ____behave are sent to bed early.

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In most countries cannabis is ___legal.

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