Passive Voice Quiz

by Brian August 19, 2021
Passive voice quiz

Test your knowledge of the passive and active voices!

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In the passive voice...

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How do we form the passive voice?

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Which preposition do we use with the passive voice?

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If we change the sentence:  They make a lot of cars in Germany to the passive voice, it becomes:

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Which sentence is in the passive voice?

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If we change the sentence: The children are drinking lemonade to the passive voice, it becomes:

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If we change the sentence: Sophia will feed the cat to the passive voice, it becomes:

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Which sentence is an example of the active voice?

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In the active voice...

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Which construction describes the active voice?

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The mechanic has fixed the car.

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The French built the statue of liberty in 1875.

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The family is eating the meal.

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The team rescued the mountaineers from the mountain.

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I have made the dinner. The dinner _____(make).

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