Common Noun Suffixes Quiz

by Brian February 15, 2022
English Vocabulary Quiz: Common Prefixes

-ness, tion, -ment, -ance and -should are all common noun suffixes in English.

You can learn about them in our common noun suffix post but if you think you might know your ‘-ence’s from your ‘ance’s, have a go at our noun suffix quiz.

Common noun suffixes

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A suffix is added to the _______ of a word.

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-ion, -ence, -ity  are examples of _______ suffixes

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She has many happy memories of her child____.

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Money can't buy you happi_____.

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I'm afraid I couldn't open the attach______.

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She is admired for her sincer___.

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My member_____ of the tennis club has expired.

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Diamonds are expensive because of their rar______.

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The war of independence led to the creat_____ of the state.

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This neighbour_______ can be dangerous after dark.

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The building is top quality due to the excellent workman______.

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Mary's persist______ has led to her success.

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Gold is expensive because of its scarc_______.

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She couldn't hide her disappoint______ on failing the exam.

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You need a resid______ permit to stay in the country.

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Compli_____ with the rules is mandatory.

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Being late is a weak_____ of John's.

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He is obsessed with his appear_______.

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Thanks to your encourage_______, I got the job.

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Due to her sick_____ Carol couldn't go to work.

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