Body Idioms

by Brian August 12, 2021
English Vocabulary: Body Idioms

Does the question ‘raise an eyebrow’? or is it a ‘no-brainer’?

Test your knowledge of English body idioms with our quiz.

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Body Idioms

Are you a body idioms expert? Do the quiz and find out!

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I can't tell you the answer without looking for information.

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Holidays or study? That's an easy decision.

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I'm really interested in what you're saying.

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The staff were surprised by the boss's behaviour at the office party.

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Sue doesn't get on with her her brother.

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You said it was ten o'clock. It's actually five to ten.

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I promise I won't tell anyone.

8 / 15

I hear you are a technical expert. Can I ask you a few questions?

9 / 15

She showed no emotion.

10 / 15

Bill is madly in love with Suzi.

11 / 15

I'm not sure what we'll do after we have dinner.

12 / 15

You'll need to pay close attention.

13 / 15

Stop asking questions about my love life.

14 / 15

We had some minor problems when we set up the business.

15 / 15

I know that guy. What's his name again?

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