Direct speech and Indirect speech with time expressions

by John November 17, 2020 English Grammar

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Have something done

by John November 16, 2020 English Grammar

Do you do your own chores or are you one of the many who prefer to get somebody else to

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Future Simple Tense

by John October 13, 2020 English Grammar

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Relative Clauses

Relative Clauses

by Brian October 08, 2020 English Grammar

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English Grammar: Adverbs of Frequency

Adverbs of Frequency, Even and Also

by Simon October 05, 2020 English Grammar

How often do you speak English? Every day? Very often? Sometimes? Hardly ever? Never?? Well if you do an online

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Central School of English students climb a mountain

Talking about the future

by Evanna March 02, 2016 English Grammar

People who come to Dublin to work and study English have very busy schedules and can often feel that they

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Will, going to Central School students leave no stone unturned

Will and Going To for Intentions and Plans

by Evanna February 02, 2016 English Grammar

At the Central School of English we can see how dedicated our students are in their desire to speak English

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Pablo prepares to predict the weather

‘Will’ and ‘Going To’ futures: For making predictions

by Evanna January 27, 2016 English Grammar

Sometimes English grammar can be tough! Occasionally, you may think: ‘I just can’t make head or tail of it!’ Grammar

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English School Students and a globe

The definite article

by Evanna January 10, 2016 English Grammar

…and a little geography! The articles in English are three small words but they are three troublesome words for anyone

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