Direct and Indirect Speech in English Grammar

Direct and Indirect Speech

by Brian April 20, 2022 English Grammar

In the real world, outside of grammar books (and blogs!), all language is used in a particular context. Sometimes it

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Narrative Tenses in English Grammar

Narrative Tenses

by Brian April 11, 2022 English Grammar

We all love a good story, don’t we? But telling a story in a second language is one of the

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Future Tenses in English

Future Tenses

by Mark April 03, 2022 English Grammar

As you know, all languages are made up of tenses. In this post we’re going to look at some Future

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the definite article

Definite Article Quiz

by Brian March 23, 2022 English Grammar, Quizzes

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Adverbs of Frequency in English Grammar

Adverbs of Frequency, Even and Also

by Simon January 17, 2022 English Grammar

How often do you speak English? Every day? Very often? Sometimes? Hardly ever? Never?? Well if you do an online

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The English Tenses

by Brian January 12, 2022 English Grammar


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‘Used To’, ‘To Be Used To’ and ‘To Get Used To’

‘Used To’, ‘To Be Used To’ and ‘To Get Used To’

by Mark December 07, 2021 English Grammar

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Ten Things You Need to Know About Modal Verbs

by Brian November 12, 2021 English Grammar

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Common Phrasal Verbs Quiz

by Brian November 11, 2021 Quizzes

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A dog looking through a fence

Relative Clauses

by Brian November 09, 2021 English Grammar

Hello grammar lovers! This blog post is an extra special treat for all the grammar nerds out there. Why? Because

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