Irregular adjectives

by John January 14, 2021

What are irregular adjectives?

This post was written to help you understand what they are and how they are formed.

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Comparatives and Superlatives

You might remember, we form the comparative and superlative or regular adjectives by adding -er and -est.

Tall   –      taller    –       The tallest

Low   –     lower    –       The lowest

High   –    higher    –     The highest

The comparative and superlative of irregular adjectives are different.

Irregular adjectives - comparatives

We will now take a look at the comparatives of the irregular adjectives: Good, bad, far, little, many.

Good – better than

Bad – worse than

Far – further than

Little – less than

Many – more than

Messi is better than me at football.

You have £10 and I have £20. I have more money than you.

France is further from Ireland than England.

Irregular adjectives - superlatives

Let’s use the same adjectives, but this time to make superlatives.

Good – The best

Bad – The worst

Far – The furthest

Little – The least

Many – The most

I have £100, you have £50 and Mark has £20. Mark has the least money.

Of France, Greece, and Japan, Japan is the furthest from Ireland.

Some people say that Maradona was the best football player in the world.

Test Yourself

Use comparatives or superlatives of the adjectives to make sentences

Example: Andrew has got 2 phones. His sister has 3 phones

Answer: Andrew has less phones than his sister.


  1. John is ok at painting. Marina is excellent.
  2. China is not far from Japan. The UK is far from Japan. Ireland is very far from Japan
  3. I drink one cup of tea a day. Simon drinks 2 and Donald drinks 3.

Test Yourself

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.


Irregular adjectives

1 / 6

John did not study like Eoin did, so he got a _______ grade than Eoin.

2 / 6

She is _______ football player in the world.

3 / 6

Of France, Greece and Japan, Japan is _______ from Ireland.

4 / 6

Kim went on ________ rides than anyone else.

5 / 6

Of all drinks, Nikola likes beer the _______.

6 / 6

I like tea _____ than coffee.

Your score is

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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