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by John June 21, 2022
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Thank you for joining us for today’s blog post from the Central school of English.

Today we are going to talk about using ‘as many as’ and ‘as much as’ .

Hopefully it’ll be a piece of cake!

Many and much

Do your remember when we use many, and when we use much?

We use many for countable nouns: many people, many places, many poems.

We use much for uncountable nouns: much food, much water, much money.

In our blog about comparing nouns, we learnt that we use as…as to compare two nouns:

For example: She is as tall as her sister.

We can do the same thing with many and much to compare quantities.

To do this, we use:

as + much + as 


as + many + as

Comparing quantities

We use as + many + as for countable nouns.

We use as+ much + as for uncountable nouns

Bring a friend to school

Comparing quantities

Now, we will make some examples using the as much/many as structure.


Laura has €50. Caroline also has €50. Laura has as much money as Caroline.

Kelly wears a lot of perfume. Pam wears a lot of perfume. Kelly wears as much perfume as Pam.

Phyliss has a plate of food for lunch. Kevin has a plate of food for lunch too. Phyliss has as much food for lunch as Kevin.



Michael ate 3 donuts. Stanley also ate 3 donuts. Michael ate as many donuts as Stanley.

Oscar has 2 computers. Angela has 2 computers too. Oscar has as many computers as Angela.

Erin answers 20 phone calls a day. Pam answers 20 phone calls a day. Erin answers as many phone calls as Pam does.

Take a look at the Test Yourself section and use as…as to make sentences.

Test Yourself

Make sentences using as many as and as much as for the following words.

Example: Water

Answer: I drink as much water as my father.


  1. Actors
  2. Food
  3. Coffee
  4. Dresses

Quantities that are not equal

When comparing amounts or quantities that are not the same we simply add not after the auxiliary verb.

If Michael has €20 and Stanley has €10, we can say: Stanley does not have as much money as Michael.

If there are 100 people at Jim’s party and only 50 people at Dwight’s party, we can say:

There are not as many people at Dwight’s party as Jim’s.

Test Yourself

Choose the correct answer.

As many as | as much as

We use 'much' with ________ nouns.

We use 'many' with ________ nouns.

I have as _____ money as my brother.

There are as _________ people in the bank today as there were yesterday.

Oscar doesn't know as _______ about China as Michael.

Does Michael laugh as _______ as Pam?

Stanley eats as ________ pretzels as Michael.

There isn't as _____ sugar in my Tea as there is in Oscar's.

I read as ______ news as you do.

I read as _______ news reports as you do.

Farmer Bob has as ______ chickens as Farmer Sue.

Louis ate as ______ chicken as Jimmy.

Give me as _______ information as you can.

Bob drank as _______ beers as Pete did.

There isn't as much ________ in this room as their is in the other room.

David earns as _______ as his father.

There aren't as _______ bridges in Dublin as there are in Paris.

Kate doesn't drink as ______ as she used to.

Your score is


Piece of cake: something that is very easy to do.Example: The test wasn’t hard, it was a piece of cake.

Thank you for reading our blog post. If you would like to know more about comparatives check out our previous post on Comparing nouns with as…as .

You can find more English grammar tips elsewhere on our site and if you’d like information on our online English courses live from Dublin, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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