English Vocabulary: Together and Apart From

by John March 02, 2021
English Vocabulary: Together and Apart From

Vocabulary is as important in English as grammar. They both go hand in hand. As you progress in English, you learn more grammar, but you also learn vocabulary. What’s the difference between ‘beside’, ‘besides’, ‘apart’ and ‘apart from’?

Today we are going to take a look at a few words and expressions.

Which vocabulary?

The vocabulary we’re going to look at today is:

Apart from





Besides and Apart from

We use apart from and besides to add ideas in sentences.


Some common words in English that we use to connect sentences are called Linkers or Connectors.

The most common linkers we use are: and, also, but etc.

Two other linkers are: Besides, and Apart from.

Both of these words have the same meaning as also, and they are known as Additional linkers as we use them to add ideas together.

Take this sentence: I like tea, and I also like coffee.

We are adding two pieces of information together using the words and, and also.

We could also say: Besides tea, I like coffee.


I like coffee apart from tea.

The only difference is that besides and apart from are more formal words.

Test Yourself

Choose from beside, besides, apart, apart from and together to complete the sentences.

Example: Marge lives ______ Ned Flanders.

Answer: beside

  1. I don’t live _______ my family. I live in another country.
  2. _______ Mark, Brian also teaches English.
  3. Marina works _________ with Nikola.
  4. Simon likes coffee _______ beer.?

Beside, Apart and Together

Some other vocabulary is: Beside, Apart and Together.

Beside means next to.
For example: In class I sit beside Julia.

This means I sit next to Julia. She is my neighbour.

Another example is: I live beside my Aunt.

This means my house is next to my aunts house.

I live in the same house as my family.
Therefore, I can say: I live together with my family.
When things are in the one place we say they are together.

vocabulary together

When people pray, they put their hands together.



The word apart is the opposite of together, it means seperate.

For example: My friend and I live apart. She lives in a different house.


The word beside is a preposition.

The word together is an adjective.

The word apart is an adverb.

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Test Yourself

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.



1 / 4

______ tea, I sometimes drink coffee.

2 / 4

Maggie lives _______ with her family.

3 / 4

_______ Homer, 4 more people live in the house.

4 / 4

Homer lives _______ Ned Flanders.

Your score is



Additional: extra

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