Several cups of coffee

As many as | As much as

by John June 21, 2022 English Grammar

Do your remember when we use many, and when we use much? We use many for countable nouns: many people, many

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Future Tenses in English

Future Tenses

by Mark April 03, 2022 English Grammar

As you know, all languages are made up of tenses. In this post we’re going to look at some Future

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Past Continuous

Past continuous tense

by Brian March 07, 2022 English Grammar

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The English Tenses

by Brian January 12, 2022 English Grammar


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‘Used To’, ‘To Be Used To’ and ‘To Get Used To’

‘Used To’, ‘To Be Used To’ and ‘To Get Used To’

by Mark December 07, 2021 English Grammar

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Ten Things You Need to Know About Modal Verbs

by Brian November 12, 2021 English Grammar

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Elephant and giraffe to express contrast

In spite of, despite and although

by Brian November 02, 2021 English Grammar

In this blog post we will practice using in spite of , despite and although in

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A Jack O'Lantern in a graveyard


by Brian October 27, 2021 Uncategorised, Vocabulary

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English Vocabulary: Prepositions Quiz

Prepositions Quiz

by Brian July 29, 2021 English Grammar, Quizzes, Vocabulary

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Adverbs of Frequency in English Grammar

Adverbs of frequency

by John July 20, 2021 English Grammar

Adverbs of frequency are adverbs that answer the question ‘how often?’. Examples include never, always and sometimes. How often do you

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