Irregular adjectives

by John January 14, 2021 English Grammar

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Comparing nouns

by John January 12, 2021 English Grammar

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Giving Advice with ‘should’, ‘if I were you’ and ‘had better’

by Brian January 04, 2021 English Grammar

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Second Conditional

by Brian December 23, 2020 English Grammar

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Future Continuous

by Brian December 03, 2020 English Grammar

This time next week I’ll be lying on the beach drinking a nice cool beer! I wish that were true.

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Reflexive pronouns

by Brian November 30, 2020 English Grammar

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Past Perfect Tense

by Brian November 25, 2020 English Grammar

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Have fun learning English

Past Simple: Grammar Practice for St Patrick’s Day

by Evanna March 16, 2016 English Grammar

This week the Central School blog will focus on the past simple tense. It will also give you a look

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Central School of English students climb a mountain

Talking about the future

by Evanna March 02, 2016 English Grammar

People who come to Dublin to work and study English have very busy schedules and can often feel that they

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English School Students and a globe

The definite article

by Evanna January 10, 2016 English Grammar

…and a little geography! The articles in English are three small words but they are three troublesome words for anyone learning

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