Several cups of coffee

As many as | As much as

by John January 24, 2022 English Grammar

Do your remember when we use many, and when we use much? We use many for countable nouns: many people, many

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Expressing Possession Quiz

by Brian May 10, 2022 Quizzes

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sitting man surrounded by his stuff

Expressing Possession

by Brian May 10, 2022 English Grammar

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Have Something Done

Have Something Done Quiz

by Brian May 04, 2022 Quizzes

In English, we use the structure ‘have something done‘ to say that we don;t do the action ourselves but someone

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Have Something Done

Have something done

by John May 03, 2022 English Grammar

Do you do your own chores or are you one of the many who prefer to get somebody else to

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Direct and Indirect Speech Quiz

by Brian April 27, 2022 Quizzes

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Verb Patterns Quiz

by Brian April 21, 2022 Uncategorised

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Direct and Indirect Speech in English Grammar

Direct and Indirect Speech

by Brian April 20, 2022 English Grammar

In the real world, outside of grammar books (and blogs!) all language is used in a particular context. Sometimes it

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Verb patterns

by John April 18, 2022 English Grammar

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Narrative Tenses in English Grammar

Narrative Tenses

by Brian April 11, 2022 English Grammar

We all love a good story, don’t we? But telling a story in a second language is one of the

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Protected: Admission Policy and Criteria for Programmes

by Simon April 06, 2022 Uncategorised

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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