As many as | as much as quiz

by Brian January 25, 2022
Coffee beans and ground coffee

Test your knowledge of as many as and as much as!

As many as | as much as

We use 'much' with ________ nouns.

We use 'many' with ________ nouns.

I have as _____ money as my brother.

There are as _________ people in the bank today as there were yesterday.

Oscar doesn't know as _______ about China as Michael.

Does Michael laugh as _______ as Pam?

Stanley eats as ________ pretzels as Michael.

There isn't as _____ sugar in my Tea as there is in Oscar's.

I read as ______ news as you do.

I read as _______ news reports as you do.

Farmer Bob has as ______ chickens as Farmer Sue.

Louis ate as ______ chicken as Jimmy.

Give me as _______ information as you can.

Bob drank as _______ beers as Pete did.

There isn't as much ________ in this room as their is in the other room.

David earns as _______ as his father.

There aren't as _______ bridges in Dublin as there are in Paris.

Kate doesn't drink as ______ as she used to.

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