Narrative Tenses – Test Yourself Answers

by Brian April 09, 2021
Narrative Tenses in English Grammar

Choose the correct tense of the verbs in brackets to fill the gaps.

One Saturday morning, my friends and I were driving down to Surf Beach. It was a beautiful day for surfing with a blue sky and a mild temperature. The waves that were rolling into the shore promised fun for us all. I paddled out to the line-up and caught   a couple of really nice waves. This was   a great start to the day. I hadn’t been in the water long after I realised that I had been drifting parallel to the beach. I looked   back to shore to see where I had left my gear. This was so I could paddle back to my original position in the lineup. While I was looking to shore, I heard some splashing noises about thirty metres further out to sea. I was  immediately excited because I assumed it would be dolphins playing in the water. I had often seen this happen before, so it was reasonable to assume that this explained the noises. I turned around to see the show. I hadn’t been waiting long when suddenly something  jumped out of the water and just hung in the air for about one second before splashing back into the sea. As I was sitting on my board, I remember thinking, “That’s a strange looking dolphin”, but I quickly realised that I had been mistaken. I looked at the other faces in the line-up and quickly understood I had seen a shark. Needless to say, I made my way back to the beach immediately!

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